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The real you is immortal: whether you like it or not!

Monday, November 09, 2015  
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A new book like none you ever read!

Obviously its title is radical. But scientific, medical, and psychological advances support it, by revealing a newkind of “consciousness”—of which we are not aware.So this book may read like science fiction—but it isentirely nonfiction! Much of the book therefore will beunimaginable, even controversial for some people.

For example, four unrelated teenage boys each tried to commit suicide five times, each one at his chosen time of year. However, Canadian psychotherapist Andrew Feldmar found that their mothers each had attempted an abortion at the same time of year as her son’s annual suicide attempt. Yet the boys’ fetalbrains were too immature to have “known” and “remembered” that! This book therefore will challenge your thinking about what caused their teenage behavior—and others’ equally bizarre experiences—in the absence of obvious causes.

Since this book involves religion too, its early history is examined. Two thousand years ago, Greek philosophers and theologians wrote about and taught reincarnation, since it was a common belief at that time. Yet, the fundamental basis of reincarnation—the soul—was and still is humanly imperceptible and inexplicable. So academia disavows the existence of anything “non-material.” Therefore, only tenured faculty members dare to conduct research on the so-called “spiritual.” They seem to be beyond career risk.

Yet, in the past quarter-century, experiential research in pediatrics, psychology, early human development, pregnancy, and even birth and death have identified certain idiopathic human behavior that qualifies as “phenomena” in its strictest definition. For example, suppose those suicidal teenagers actually were manifesting a different kind of “consciousness” not involving the brain? Instead, such a non-material entity might have created a “memory” of the mother’s attempted abortion—a “memory” that was hidden from her son. So this unconsciously made him feel “unwanted!” A European consortium confirmed this in a study of thousands of volunteer parents. It demonstrated many unconscious detrimental behaviors for “unwanted” kids as compared with almost no such effects on “wanted” kids—for up to twenty-five years of age!

Therefore, the nature of this book reaches far beyond anything you might ever imagine, just like its title. Furthermore, as the subtitle suggests, some people might not like “being immortal.” Why? Because the immortal soul God gave each of us is judged in Heaven by how well it helps you and me learn to be humane to others on earth. Only after you finish this book, therefore, might it be possible for you to fathom what the book’s diverse findings might really mean for you and your loved ones, and even for humankind.


William F. Pillow, Jr.

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