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Mary Magdalene was destined to be the first pope

Monday, August 21, 2017  
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Dramatic new evidence uncovered


There are many perplexing puzzles about what happened at the resurrection of Jesus on that first Easter morning one of which was: How could Mary Magdalene see two angels in the tomb while Peter could only see linen clothes?  The answer is equally intriguing because new evidence reveals that the gospel writers used the holy tabernacle of Moses as a motif for the tomb in order to explain the mystical events of the resurrection of Jesus in a presentation that mortals could understand. The writers gave an indication of that position where they stated that the veil of the temple was rent in two when Jesus died on the cross. The tabernacle was the mobile temple and it had two rooms one of which housed the Ark of the Covenant and two angelic cherubim. This room represented heaven and it was reserved exclusively for God and the high priest. The other room represented earth and it was where the regular priests were restricted to.

With the tabernacle taking the place of the tomb the gospel writer had afforded Mary Magdalene the status of the traditional high priest where she saw into God’s holy chamber where the two angelic cherubim were sitting at either end of where the body of Jesus had lain. In contrast, the writers had restricted Peter to the regular priest’s outer chamber where he saw only the clothes. In meant that the gospel writers had assigned Mary Magdalene the highest priestly status of all and thus she stood in rank above Peter. This position explains why Jesus chose Mary Magdalene to be the first person to announce his resurrection to the world.

Now for the new evidence and the tabernacle held the keys to the kingdom of heaven. The discovery reveals that the dimensions of the tabernacle had the same numerical values in square cubits as the number of days in the orbits of the seven planets. These numerical facts escaped detection because the biblical institutions had worked out the wrong size for the tabernacle tent. But now the true tent size has been determined and it displays the planetary orbital time periods. The stars in the tabernacle turned the earthly structure into a metaphysical house of God and a gateway to heaven and that was why the gospel writers could use it as the ideal heavenly showcase to explain the resurrection. But there was more for two secret formulas were also detected in the dimensions and they showed how the tabernacle designers had displayed unusual cycles of the stars to present the apocalyptic struggle between the forces of light and darkness as was described in the Book of Revelation.

The gospel writers had portrayed Mary Magdalene as having the same status as the traditional high priest and therefore let the campaign begin to have her recognized as the first pope. You can read about the discovery at

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Michael Hearns, author


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