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Atheists start an international community-building project: #oneATHEIST

Monday, August 3, 2020  
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DURHAM, N.C.— On Saturday International Association of Atheists (IAA) announced their newest initiative, #oneATHEIST, an effort to build a positive, outspoken community under the label atheist and remove the stigma.

“Atheists have struggled with the stigma associated with being non-religious for far too long. It's time to prove to the world what I know to be true: atheists can be good, giving, joyful, and compassionate. That's why we are launching #oneATHEIST: to highlight all the positives coming from atheists and change how the world views us” said Courtney Heard, Board Vice-President at IAA.

People all over the world have benefitted from the atheist community that is filled with kind, non-attention seeking humanists. 

“Community is one of our core values at IAA,” said Gail Miller, Board President of IAA. “One thing that religious people do well is provide community and while this concept is not the most important thing to some atheists, others miss it very much. At IAA, we wish to foster an environment that feels like a community, where new non-believers can feel welcomed and encouraged.”

So what is the #oneATHEIST Campaign and how can a person participate? The term atheist has, throughout history, carried with it visions of evil, immorality, and reckless hedonism. Bridget R. Gaudette, cofounder of IAA had this to say, “This campaign challenges that assumption and attempts to change minds #oneATHEIST at a time by empowering and highlighting the positive voices. An atheist community that does so serves as a thread used to bring us together to advocate and support each other in the fight against the stigma. As humans, we need a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging is what many ex-believers miss the most when they leave their religion”.

IAA wants to change how people see atheists to save the lives of new apostates all over the world. They want to build an outspoken community of the good atheists, the generous atheists, the selfless and compassionate atheists and seek for them to be loud and drown out the voices of the angry ones. They see it as the best way to remove the stigma. 

They want to create a welcoming place to land for all those ex-believers leaving their faith behind. They want to change how the world views atheists, #oneATHEIST at a time.

Here's how you can participate:

Founded in April of 2020, International Association of Atheists is the fastest growing non-profit of its kind. The organization offers a wide variety of services including fundraising to help smaller nonprofits raise money. In a little over 4 months they have raised over $30,000 to help orphans in DR Congo to go to a humanist school, to pay for social support for ex-Muslim atheists, and for legal aid for atheists accused of breaking blasphemy laws. All of these activities align with the organization’s mission to educate, protect, and assist atheists internationally. IAA envisions a future in which atheists have the opportunities and resources they need to participate openly and confidently in every aspect of society.



Bridget Gaudette
(919) 289-9885

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