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RNA President's Council & Past Presidents


In 2010, the RNA Board unanimously approved the creation of a Council of Presidents. The council, which is composed of the living past RNA presidents, will serve as RNA's institutional memory and as a body to offer support and advice to the RNA Board. The council includes:

2015–18:    Manya Brachear Pashman, Chicago Tribune
2013–15:    Bob Smietana, Christianity Today
2011–13:    Ann Rodgers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

2009–11:    Steve Maynard, The News Tribune

2007–09:    Kevin Eckstrom, Religion News Service

2005–07:    Yonat Shimron, The News Tribune

2003–05:    Jeff Sheler, Freelance Writer
2001–03:    David Briggs, The Plain Dealer
2000–01:    Sandi Dolbee, The San Diego Union-Tribune
1998–00:    Gayle White, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
1996–98:    Cecile S. Holmes, Houston Chronicle
1994–96:    Richard Dujardin, Providence Journal-Bulletin
1988–90:    Ed Briggs, Richmond Times Dispatch
1984–86:    Louis Moore, Houston Chronicle
1982–84:    Russell Chandler, Los Angeles Times
1980–82:    Ben Kaufman, Cincinnati Enquirer
1974–76:    Richard Ostling, Time



2018–  Peter Smith, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
2015–18  Manya Brachear Pashman, Chicago Tribune
 Bob Smietana, Christianity Today
2011–13  Ann Rodgers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
 Steve Maynard, The News Tribune
2007–09  Kevin Eckstrom, Religion News Service
2005–07  Yonat Shimron, The News Tribune
2003–05  Jeff Sheler, Freelance Writer
2001–03  David Briggs, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer
 Sandi Dolbee, The San Diego Union-Tribune
1998–00  Gayle White, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
 Cecile S. Holmes, Houston Chronicle
1994–96  Richard Dujardin, Providence Journal-Bulletin
1992–94  Jim Jones, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
1990–92  John Dart, Los Angeles Times
1988–90  Ed Briggs, Richmond Times Dispatch
1986–98  Helen Parmley, The Dallas Morning News
1984–86  Louis Moore, Houston Chronicle
1982–84  Russell Chandler, Los Angeles Times
1980–82  Ben Kaufman, Cincinnati Enquirer
1978–80  Marjorie Hyer, The Washington Post
1976–78  William A. Reed, The Tennessean
1974–76  Richard Ostling, Time
1972–74  Bill Folger, Buffalo Courier-Express
1969–72  Hiley Ward, Detroit Free Press
(Filled out unexpired term of predecessor and served a full term from 1970–72.)
1968–69  James Hume, Cleveland Press
(Died in office)
1966–68  David Runge, Milwaukee Journal
1964–66  Harold Schachern, Detroit News
1962–64  Willmar Thorkelson, Minneapolis Star
1960–62  Richard Philbrick, Chicago Tribune
1958–60  Richard Wager, The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer
1956–58  Casper Nannes, Washington Star
1954–56  Robert Whitaker, Providence Journal-Bulletin
1951–54  George Dugan, The New York Times
1949–51  Frank Stewart, Cleveland Press

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